May 2012

CodeIgniter Conference 2012 SF

Posted 2012-05-31
Category CodeIgniter
So only two months until the return of CICONF to America! Last year was CICONF2011 NY which was a great experience. There we announced the availability of CodeIgniter on GitHub, released CodeIgniter 2.1-dev and saw over 50 pull requests get made to CodeIgniter by developers trying to win my iPad. Then we had CICONF2012 in London, and now it's off to San Francisco for more CodeIgniter nerdery.

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Laravel is Awesome

Posted 2012-05-22
Category PHP
You might not expect to hear that from a CodeIgniter and FuelPHP developer, but it's true. Taylor has done a brilliant job writing code that is clean, functional and has built a huge community of smart developers in less than a year of active development. People are flooding to Laravel from other frameworks and that's great for the PHP community, read on to find out why.

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Composer with CodeIgniter

Composer is the best thing for PHP since sliced arrays and using it in your applications means you have easy access to a large selection of well written PHP packages that plug and play with any framework that supports PSR-0 namespacing. This is BRILLIANT as it means less reliablity on the framework and framework-specific code, and helps you get towards the goal of portable code where the framework is essentially just the wrapper. FuelPHP will support Composer packages out of the box as does Symfony2 and I hear Drupal are working it in too. This interoperability is brilliant, but how do you use it with CodeIgniter?

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