August 2012

Understanding Circumstance

Posted 2012-08-22
"I have been working for years in this industry and I have never needed to do what you do. Therefore your opinion is obviously wrong."

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CICONF - Mission Complete

Posted 2012-08-21
Category Events
Another trip to the States and another CodeIgniter Conference complete. This is a quick roundup for anyone who didn't make it to the conference this year.

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Why PHP DateTime Rocks

Posted 2012-08-01
Category PHP
Working as a freelancer and contracter sometimes I come accross some code that is so terrible I have to laugh, then immediately tweet a screenshot for others to laugh. I think this is fairly healthy, but one reaction I get fairly often is "Yuck, PHP!". Really that should be "Yuck, PHP 4!" I've been using PHP since 4.0.1 and I remember it well. It was terrible. Whenever I see these chunks of code I like to see how clean I can make them with PHP 5.3 + code and DateTime has saved me a lot of lines.

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