Goals for 2010

I have written a summary of 2010 here. Only some of it is excuses.


  • Go to Thailand
  • Go to America
  • Go to Canada
  • Buy a cook-book and learn to use it
  • Read 10 books


  • Finish a Half Marathon
  • Swim 3 times a week for 6 months (5/6)
  • Grime Challenge or Tough Guy
  • Nokia Coast to Coast or London to Paris Cycle
  • Add 4 rivers to my Kayak log
  • Kayaking 3* - This was done on March 19th 2011 which is just when my group schedules the assesment weekend.


  • Create an EE2 Addon
  • Create an iPhone app
  • Learn Objective-C
  • Learn Python
  • Learn Ruby (RoR)


  • Finish CleverAndy and re-launch
  • Set a business model for PyroCMS
  • Guest post about something other than CodeIgniter